MLB and World Series Betting Explained

Have fun betting on the MLB and World Series?

The best way to win when betting MLB and world series is by being informed. We’ll guide you through MLB and world series betting information, tips, strategies & advice. Make your MLB bets at Bovada today!

Bovada offers:

  • MLB and World Series point spreads
  • MLB and World Series outright betting lines
  • Over/Under MLB totals

MLB Point Spreads Explained

The MLB point spread is a handicap assigned to a favorite team (such as the New York Yankees) by bookmakers. The MLB point spread has an advantage over MLB totals betting because you are wagering on only one outcome instead of two, meaning that there are fewer chances for slip-ups and MLB bettors can avoid losses. MLB point spread odds are typically -110 or -120 at Bovada, while MLB totals odds are generally +110 to +125.

MLB Outright Betting Lines Explained

Outright betting is a wager on which MLB team will win the World Series. The odds are a reflection of how good each team is and they can be found at online sportsbooks such as Bovada.

Over/Under MLB Betting Lines Explained

A fixture of MLB and world series betting lines are MLB over under betting lines. In MLB, the “u” stands for “under” while “o” stands for “over”. The bookmakers make MLB betting lines in favor of the “under” because by accepting equal bets on both sides they have a better edge. The MLB betting under is more popular due to MLB scores being lower than average for most games.

The MLB bookmaker offers MLB over/under betting during the season and during the World Series.

Homerun Derby Betting

Every year, bookmakers put their MLB betting lines on the Home Run Derby. This is a time where you can bet on individual players who will be taking part in the contest for the total number of home runs hit during the derby. Baseball betting enthusiasts can bet on which team they believe will win and how many home runs each player will hit during the contest.

The Home Run Derby has been held since 1985 when it was introduced by the American League President and Hall of Fame inductee, Bowie Kuhn. The first contest was actually won by Don Mattingly in his first major league season. In addition to this event, MLB betting enthusiasts can also bet on which player will have the most total bases during the contest.

MLB Baseball Wagering and World Series Betting Tips

The first tip to help you when MLB betting can be found in the starting pitcher. The starting pitcher is of the utmost importance, as a strong bullpen will not be able to pick up your team if they do not perform at their best.

If both teams are underdogs then it is important to find out who has the bullpen edge.

You can also MLB betting tips by looking at which team is doing better in a particular standing category. This will help you while wagering on baseball totals. In addition, look into any injury reports before placing your MLB bets as this could change the odds of winning significantly. Do not be afraid to make MLB picks based on your own opinion. This is a great way to find a system that works for you in addition to learning which stats are important and how each team stacks up against one another.

Another tip for betting on the MLB is to use computer prediction systems as a guide when making your MLB predictions. Look at these systems as a backup if you are unsure of your MLB predictions.

You also plan to bet on the baseball season, including betting lines for the World Series can use key information about teams’ history in that stat category when making their MLB picks.

When examining this type of statistic in baseball, it is important to note that since schedules are not consistent from year to year, the numbers should only be used as a guide when betting on MLB.